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Veritas® Micro-Adjust Marking Gauge - new design!

Refined and redesigned, our new micro-adjust wheel marking gauge draws on two decades of manufacturing experience, with subtle improvements across the board.

The adjustment mechanism built into the stainless-steel rod is intuitive to use. After setting the approximate projection, you can fine-tune the position of the cutter within a range of 1/4". A fine-pitch internal thread allows slow, careful adjustment, so setting the gauge precisely is a snap.

Locking knobs keep the setting from shifting in use. The eccentric placement of the rods through the brass face and aluminum body ensures a large reference surface for square registration on the stock and helps the gauge resist rolling on a bench top.

Of course, the core of the marking gauge is still the hardened steel wheel cutter, which solves the two main problems of a pin-based marking gauge – the need to tilt it just right to avoid chatter, and the tendency of the pin to follow the wood grain, throwing off your line. It scribes perfectly at any point of its circumference, cutting neat marks even on cross grain.

-A little over 6-3/4" overall -

-Brass face and aluminum body -

-Stainless steel rod Fine adjustment mechanism with a range of 1/4" -

-Large reference surface for square registration Hardened steel wheel cutter

-Cutter position allows use as a depth gauge 5/16" rod is compatible with our other wheel marking gauges -

Made in Canada

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Veritas® Micro-Adjust Marking Gauge

  • Brand: Veritas tools
  • Product Code: 05N36.31
  • Availability: On the way from manufactur
  • 567.50kr (SEK)

  • Ex Tax: 454.00kr (SEK)

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