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‘Stanley Catalogue No. 34’

More than 100 years ago, Stanley Tools printed handsome catalogs that illustrated the company’s woodworking and carpentry tools with detailed illustrations and descriptions of how the tools worked.

Though few of these catalogs survive, they are an invaluable source of information for hand-tool users, offering exploded parts lists of complex tools – such as the No. 45 plane – and advice on how the tools should best be used.

The catalogs are also a helpful way to identify tools you might find at a swap meet. (Do do you need a clapboard gauge, a wantage rod or a board stick?)

For a long time, we have sought to publish a crisp and classy catalog from the heyday of Stanley Tools’ production of woodworking tools. So we collected a bunch of catalogs and finally settled on one printed in 1914 – one of our favorite eras of Stanley’s output.

This catalog contains all the planes, hand drills, measuring tools, chisels and hundreds more that are critical to a furniture shop, but without a lot of the oddball stuff that came later.

It is printed at exactly the same size as the original (5-1/2” x 7-1/2”) on hard and smooth paper that mimics the original. It is wrapped in a heavy softbound cover that is printed in dark blue ink. The only significant change we made to our version was we sewed the signatures for durability.

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Stanley Catalogue No. 34

  • 240.62kr (SEK)

  • Ex Tax: 227.00kr (SEK)

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