No. 3 Bench Plane in bronze

Just a bit smaller than the No. 4, this is a serious small smoother. 9" (22.86cm) long. 1¾" (4.44cm) x .125" (3.17mm) thick blade. No. 3 Iron weight 3½ lbs., Bronze weight 4 lbs. Now shipping with the Improved Chipbreaker.

Lie-Nielsen Bench Planes (except for the No. 1) are based on the Stanley Bedrock-type planes. Bedrocks were Stanley’s top line of Bench Planes, heavier and better made than the standard. In addition, the construction of the frog is unique — it features a fully machined fit between frog and body, adjustable from the rear without having to remove the blade and cap. This allows you to easily change the mouth setting from a coarse to fine cut for difficult woods or fine smoothing passes.


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Lie Nielsen No. 3 Bench Plane in bronze

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