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Fence and Center Kit


When attached to the plunge base for rotary tools, the fence and center kit lets you use the edge of a workpiece as a reference when making cuts. It can also be set to accurately guide the rotary tool when cutting arcs or circles. It includes two straight fences made of torrefied maple (both 6" long, one 1-1/2" wide and the other 5/8" wide for thin stock), two curve guides, a circle head with three interchangeable centers (sharp pin, 1/4" post, and flat disc), and a pair of 6" fence rods. The 6" fence rods allow offsets from zero to 4-1/2" with the straight fences and diameters from 1/2" to 17-1/2" with the circle head. Pairs of 12" extension rods are available separately to extend the fence’s reach.

  Figure 1: Fence and center kit components.


To install the fence onto the plunge base for rotary tools, fasten the fence attachment screws into the threaded holes in the base. Tighten firmly.

  Figure 2: Fence installation.

Setting the Fence

To locate the fence relative to the bit, loosen the fence locking knobs, slide the fence to the desired setting, and tighten the fence locking knobs.

  Figure 3: Fence setting.

Figure 4: Curve guides.

Figure 5: Attaching the circle guide.

Curve Guides

When following edges that are not straight, switch out the wood fence for the curve guides.

Circle Guide

For cutting accurate arcs and circles, remove the fence arm and attach the circle arm to the guide body as shown in Figure 5.

Choose between three centers: the sharp pin for compass-like operation, the post for use with a 1/4" drilled hole, or the disc for times when you will not want a center point to permanently mark the surface.

Tip: The disc can be held temporarily in position with double-sided tape or hot-melt glue.

For small circles, attach the circle guide so the point of the circle arm faces the base (Figure 6, left). For large circles, reverse the circle guide so the point of the circle arm faces away from the base to maximize the reach (Figure 6, right). Otherwise, the circle guide is used in the same manner as the fence.

  Figure 6: Configuration for small and large circles.

Precision Adjuster

The optional precision adjuster lets you fine-tune the fence settings with a thumbscrew (1/2 turn = 1/64"). Simply slide it onto the fence rods and fasten the thumbscrew into the guide body.

To adjust the guide position:

  1. Loosen all four locking knobs (fence and precision adjuster).
  2. Slide the fence to the approximate position.
  3. Tighten the locking knobs on the precision adjuster.
  4. Fine-tune the position using the thumbscrew.
  5. Tighten the locking knobs on the fence.

  Figure 7: Precision adjuster.

IWE-635 Rev. A

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Fence and Center Kit

  • Brand: Veritas tools
  • Product Code: 05J65.03
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  • Ex Tax: 555.00kr (SEK)

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